Why you should adopt a beehive


By adopting a beehive, you support small local entrepreneurs. Finnish beekeepers take care of bees and make sure the bees stay healthy and increase in number.


The Bee Rescue platform is innovative. You can buy honey from beekeepers located everywhere in Finland. How cool is that!


Consuming local honey is healthier and more sustainable.


By adopting a beehive you get our newsletters with many interesting facts about bees and beekeepers.



Finnish honey is delicious! You can get a taste of it.

The importance of bees

Did you know that more than 75 % of the world’s food crops depend, somewhat on pollination?


Bees play a key role in our ecosystem pollinating a third of the food we eat and maintaining biodiversity.

Unfortunately, bees struggle to survive due to a variety of reasons such as the use of pesticides, habitat destruction, air pollution and global warming.

Beekeepers make sure that bees stay strong and healthy. From our platform, you can adopt a hive and help beekeepers doing what they know best and love most: taking care of bees.