Our Beekeepers

Aytaç & Anna Manilacı

Aytaç and Anna own Espoon Hunaja which started four years ago as a father – daughter mutual hobby. Currently they have a total of 30 beehives in 7 different places in the Espoo-Helsinki region. They produce one of the best honeys in Finland.

Their honey is produced from thousands of different flowers and plants by diligent and well-mannered bees, completely naturally and without any human-made additives.

In their beehives, they only put the bees and the honeycombs. Thus, they take lovingly care of the bees and the hives. Their busy bees take care of the production of the honey from start to finish.

Hello honey

Hello honey is situated in Parainen and is owned by our funding partner Nora Mäntysaari. Hello honey is specialized in different honey types: seasonal and mono-floral honey. Every honey has a specific origin, whether it is an early or late harvested honey or mono-floral honey having most of its origin in a specific flower.

Ottilia Mäkinen

Please note: honey is harvested again in summer 2022.

Ottilia takes care of the beehives in Onnenlaakso, in Saarijärvi.

Ottilia’s honey, harvested and provided under the name of Luova, gets its taste from the colorful flowers of the coastal meadow located in a natural reserve and from the bees of the nearby forest.

Apart from harvesting honey, Ottilia’s brand Luova, produces and sells also threads, ceramic and costume jewelry among other products.

Teija Javanainen

Teija and her family live near a forest in Pirttikoski, Hämeenlinna. In the apiary, her honey is harvested under the name of Mäntylän hunaja.

Teija became interested in bees after she heard about the pollinators’ rapid decline. At Mäntylän hunaja, no day is like the other, but that is what makes beekeeping fascinating.

Sometimes, Teija needs some extra help, and that is when her 6-year-old-daughter Taimi steps in.

Lumi Amélie Drozzin

Please note: this adoption is currently unavailable

Lumi takes care of bees in her self-made paradise: her own backyard in Järvenpää. In her garden, she has given attention to pollinators by planting clovers and sunflowers.

Lumi studies strategical marketing and completed her bachelor’s thesis about Economic Value Added (E.V.A.) that beekeeping brings to the agricultural industry.

Right now, she observes bees’ cleansing flight and writes her master’s thesis about Business Model Development in the beekeeping industry.