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When adopting a beehive, you get:

  • An official adoption certificate, and a lovely seed paper card by mail.
  • A honey jar which is delivered at the end of the harvest season at the latest.
  • Newsletters including news about bees and honey.

Note: during the low season (e.g. winter time), the beekeeper will deliver the honey left from the previous harvest, in 1-2 months from the day of the adoption.

You can also buy the adoption as a gift, please make sure to fill in the recipient’s address information when purchasing!

Price Breakdown – How is the price divided?

  • 40 % goes to the beekeeper. Your contribution will allow them to develop their business by getting more hives or beekeeping products. In this way, they will take care of the bees more efficiently.
  • 40 % goes to our team to cover marketing and operating costs.
  • 20 % goes in taxes.

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Morning sun rays, chirping birds, buzzing bees; it is with these elements that Ottilia wants to start her day.

The smell of honey, the softness of wax, the color of pollen; from all this Ottilia gets strength.

Her well cared beehives are located in Onnenlaakso, along the ever-flowing river in Saarijärvi.

Luova’s honey gets its taste from the colorful flowers of the coastal meadow located in a natural reserve and from the bees of the nearby forest. Natural and good.

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