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Beehive adoption is a great sustainable corporate gift idea to:

  • Enhance the company’s sustainable values.
  • Strengthen your brand position and
  • Improve employees’ satisfaction with a sweet suprise!

The adoption period lasts one year.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe your company can make an impact by choosing our beehive adoption as a gift:

  1. Bees play a key role in our ecosystem pollinating a third of the food we eat and maintaining biodiversity.
  2. Our partner beekeepers are small entrepreneurs who work with passion and dedication, and they give care and attention to the wellbeing of bees, respecting the environment.
  3. The beekeepers are located in different areas of Finland. This way, we support small local economies.
  4. Buying natural honey is a healthier choice than the overly processed one you find on shelf.
  5. Finnish natural honey takes its flavor from many different wild plants, which grow in the surrounding areas, and it tastes delicious!

Kummimehiläispesä sisältää:

  • Our adoption certificate and a seed paper card delivered by post.
  • 12 honey jars — the variety may change depending on the season.

Note: this adoption is valid only within Finland.

Price Breakdown – How is the price divided?

  • 40 % goes to the beekeeper. Your contribution will allow them to develop their business by getting more hives or beekeeping products. In this way, they will take care of the bees more efficiently.
  • 40 % goes to our team to cover marketing and operating costs.
  • 20 % goes in taxes.

Read more about this beekeeper below ↓


Teija’s hives are located near a forest in Pirttikoski, Hämeenlinna. Teija appreciates the nature, its purity as well as the products that the forest offers.

Bees pollinate from wildflowers which guarantees a pure natural honey and, at the same time, the pollination of wild plants and berries. Bees live inside wooden hives, and Teija’s daughter Taimi helps to take care of them.

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