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A meringue shell topped with whipped cream, fruits and a drizzle of honey

A few weeks ago, as I noticed the snow melting and what it looked like the end of the winter, I started to think about a recipe that can work for spring and Mother’s Day too. Sadly, as I write this post, the outside temperature dropped to +5 degrees with a serious possibility of seeing a few flurries in the morning. Never mind, spring or not, it will be Mother’s day anyways. Today I want to show you how to make one of my favorite desserts: Pavlova.

Who said honey goes only with sweet pies?

For the first time in this blog, I am going to show you how honey is a great match with savory pies. I know that for you, it is not a surprise that honey and cheese are like Romeo and Juliet: a perfect match. However, before making this recipe, I did a bit of research and to my surprise, I could not find anything different than desserts. I just wanted to do something different than a plate with cheese and honey. Something like a savory pie. Do not get me wrong, a plate with cheese and honey is something to die for but…I wanted to prepare something a bit more complex and interesting! Something cheesy, delicious, crunchy and ridiculously easy to prepare.

Easy muffins, super soft and sweet!

Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations! Many of us think this is something that came recently from America, and it is not completely wrong. Halloween as we know it with pumpkins and costumes is very similar to the American version. However, many countries in Europe had their own celebrations that usually have their roots in history and in some cases in mythology or folklore.

Finland, for instance has Kekri which is a traditional Finnish harvest festival which is celebrated during All Saint’s Day. Kekri marks the end of the harvest season and in the past, families remembered their ancestors and invited the deceased relatives in their homes. Just like in many other traditions, Kekri, as well as Halloween (originally known as All Hollows’ Eve), has a very spiritual and solemn meaning. Very different from what we see these days, right?


Perhaps one of the most famous desserts where honey can actually play a key role is Baklava. This crispy and juicy dessert has delighted people in the Middle East, Balkan peninsula, Central Asia, South Caucasus and even Maghreb.

The origins of this dish are not well documented and just like many other recipes around the world, many countries have claimed its origins. Among all theories, the one that is considered as the most credible sees Baklava’s origins in Central Asia, during the Ottoman Empire.

You will also find different versions and methods as somebody adds walnuts and some other pistachios. We have heard of many disputes such as this one and we do not want to join this endless battle. There is one thing we can finally do: share our version with honey and walnuts (please, forgive us Team Pistachios). Let’s begin!